Monday, May 21, 2012

The Roast of the Almost-Century

Last Wednesday, FBM had the pleasure of witnessing 90-year-old Betty White get roasted by the Friar's Club at the Sheraton Hotel in NYC.  The beloved actress was a trooper as she took jabs from some of Hollywood's heaviest hitters.  Betty made her grand entrance as "Lady Godiva" on a white pony, ushered by two tan and shirtless men.  Matt Lauer introduced the gigantic dais of celebrities, along with the "roast of honor" and asked her if "she had her catheter in because this thing goes on forever."  Barbara Walters was a natural as the roast master, who poked fun at Betty's age by saying she was "the first woman to do Shakespeare at the Globe Theater."  Of course the "old jokes" didn't stop there as Jeffrey Ross commented that "more men have died on top of Betty than Mount Everest."  Pro-roaster Lisa Lampanelli even dug into Betty by saying she used to babysit Larry King.  Other roasters included: Bethenny Frankel, Larry King, Regis Philbin, Joy Behar, Oscar Nunez, David Letterman, Jane Leeves, Valerie Bertinelli, Liza Minnelli, and our favorite - Uggie the dog from "The Artist."

Betty said a few words at the end of her roast, telling the audience she had such a wonderful time and didn't expect to!  Later that night, she made an appearance on Letterman and admitted that Uggie was her favorite roaster!

                                                        Lady Godiva makes her entrance!

                         FAO Schwartz provided us with "Patrick the dog" centerpieces and the crowd went wild!

                      Motivators provided us with the "Betty White Roast Survival Bags," which enabled every one to walk out in style!

                       Motivators also sent us these awesome water bottles with an attachable keychain! How perfect are those for the gym?

                     Betty White with Uggie against the backdrop of the Nature's Variety Instinct Raw logo.

                  Uggie had his own space in the Green Room, surrounded by his favorite brand of dog food!  Nature's Variety provided Uggie with food for his stay in NYC!

                  Besides Regis, Uggie was the only other celebrity who got a kiss from Betty!

                   Chelsea Dankner, Brittany Dankner of FBM, and Julian Dankner at the Betty White Roast after-party with Uggie! 


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